Methanol market rebounds in a narrow range

Recently, the domestic methanol market has recovered in a narrow range. According to the monitoring data of the business agency, as of February 20, the average price of methanol producers in Shandong was 2267 yuan / ton, with a month on month decrease of 3.92% and a year-on-year increase of 14.09%. After the festival, the downstream enterprises replenish goods appropriately, the logistics is restored, and the freight is reduced. Domestic methanol market recovered slowly.



Summary of methanol market prices by Region as of February 20


Region, price

Qinghai Area/

Shanxi Province: 1800-1850 yuan / ton factory cash

Liaoning: 2050 yuan / ton

Fujian Province: 2500-2520 yuan / ton

In the two lakes area, the ex factory reference amount is 2085-2150 yuan / ton

Anhui area: 2270-2300 yuan / ton

The ex factory price of Henan Province is 2070-2080 yuan / ton

In terms of upstream and downstream, the market price of dimethyl ether rose steadily, and the market transaction continued to be moderate; the domestic acetic acid market rose as a whole, and the market gradually resumed normal trading.


In terms of external market, as of February 19, CFR China methanol closed at US $302.00-303.00 per ton, down 3 US dollars per ton; CFR Southeast Asia methanol closed at US $374.00-375.00 per ton, down 5.5 US dollars per ton. US Gulf methanol closed at 111.00-112.00 cents / gallon, up 1 cent / gallon; FOB Rotterdam methanol closed at 335.50-336.50 euros / ton, up 5.5 euros / ton.


In the future, traders’ willingness to hold goods is not strong, they have to ship goods at high prices one after another, market buying remains just in demand, and transaction is weak. Affected by the impact of domestic delivery sources, spot traders often say that it is difficult to conclude a deal. Business community methanol analysts expect that the domestic methanol market in the short term consolidation.

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