BDO market price continues to rise

Domestic BDO market continued to rise sharply. According to the sample data monitored by the business association, as of February 22, the average price of domestic BDO producers was 22175 yuan / ton, up 67.04% month on month and 122.86% year on year. The quotation of production enterprises continued to rise, and the market follow-up sentiment was high. In a short period of time, the BDO market remained high.



The domestic BDO market continues to rise. At present, the supply side of the market is still tight, manufacturers are reluctant to sell, and the offer is high-end. The mainstream negotiation focuses on 22000-23000 yuan / ton (bulk water), boosting the confidence of the industry and stimulating the mentality of chasing up in the middle and lower reaches. The market center of gravity rises sharply.


In terms of equipment, Xinye stopped for 5 days on February 15, and continued to pay attention to it; the load of Panjin Dalian reached 50%; Dongyuan stopped for maintenance from 20 to 26.


The current factory strong offer, tight supply situation continues. BDO business analysts expect that the domestic BDO market in the short term high volatility.

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