DOP prices skyrocketed after the Spring Festival

Price trend



According to the data monitoring of the business association, the price of plasticizer DOP rose sharply after the festival, and the DOP market rose. As of February 19, the DOP price was 11600.00 yuan / ton, up 15.42% from 10050.00 yuan / ton before the festival.


Upstream market of industrial chain


It can be seen from the price trend chart of isooctanol that the price of isooctanol rose sharply after the festival, and the price of isooctanol rose to about 13000 yuan / ton. Before the festival, the start-up of octanol equipment is low, the supply of octanol is insufficient, the supply of octanol is slightly tight, the price still has room to rise, and the DOP has a greater power to rise.

From the trend chart of phthalic anhydride, we can see that after the festival, the price of phthalic anhydride rose slightly, the market of phthalic anhydride rose, the cost of raw material phthalic anhydride of DOP rose, and the rising power of DOP increased.


Market summary and future expectation


Bai Jiaxin, DOP data analyst of business news agency, believes that after the festival, the prices of octanol and phthalic anhydride, DOP raw material costs, DOP rising pressure, DOP price rising after the festival is cost driven, DOP demand is limited, and the downstream rising support is insufficient. DOP manufacturers started construction around February 21, while most industrial chain customers started construction around February 26. DOP supply and demand are basically balanced. The lower reaches of high price DOP are more resistant, and the lower reaches of customers are less motivated to purchase. Generally speaking, DOP is affected by the rising prices of raw materials, and it may still rise sharply in the near future. However, the downstream customers’ purchasing enthusiasm is poor, and the transaction situation of DOP is not optimistic. After the 15th of the first month, with the industrial chain customers returning to work in succession, the demand for DOP rose, the enthusiasm of DOP transaction warmed up, and the price of DOP stabilized. However, it is still difficult to determine whether the high price DOP can be maintained.

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