NBR market price rose slightly (7.12-7.16)

The market of NBR rose slightly this week (7.12-7.16). According to the monitoring of business agency, the price of NBR was 21100 yuan / ton as of July 16, a slight increase of 0.64% compared with the price of 20966 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week.


The factory price of NBR in China has been increased. According to the monitoring of the business society, as of July 16, the factory price of NBR n41e of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company was 19200 yuan / ton; 3305e report 20300 yuan / ton; 3308e reported 21200 yuan / ton; Ningbo shunze 6500 T / a unit is in normal operation, with a large inventory of manufacturers. The factory price of nitrile 3355/3365 is 20800 yuan / ton, and the factory price of 3380 is 21300 yuan / ton. After July, high temperature weather has appeared in China, and power consumption peaks have appeared in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Henan. Some downstream enterprises started to start working and demand side support is weak.

The price of butadiene raw materials has risen greatly, and the cost side is more supported. According to the business agency, the price of butadiene as of July 16 was 10876 yuan / ton, up 13.58% from 9576 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week.

Post market forecast: the NBR analyst of business agency thinks that the demand side support is weak, but the cost side support is strong, and the NBR market is expected to rise slightly in the later period.


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