Liquid ammonia market is stable this week, supply and demand are basically stable

This week (7.5-9), the domestic liquid ammonia market had little change compared with last week, and the market price was generally stable. According to the monitoring of the business community, the weekly increase of liquid ammonia was 0.38%. After entering July, the price of liquid ammonia remained high. This week, the liquid ammonia manufacturers generally reported stability. Affected by the devices in some areas, the price rose slightly. With the resumption of some maintenance devices, the market supply increased, the shortage of supply in most parts of the country eased obviously, and the liquid ammonia market also stopped rising and stabilized.

This week, the atmosphere of domestic liquid ammonia market was acceptable, and the price of liquid ammonia in Shandong remained stable. This week, the amount of ammonia in this region was moderate, and the enterprises were shipping normally. Due to the low output of the device, the price of some enterprises rose slightly, but the range was not large, about 50 yuan / ton. At present, inventory pressure is general, most manufacturers reported stable, weekend market prices remain at the beginning of the week. The mainstream price in this area is 4250-4400 yuan / ton. Due to the high price of urea and profit driven, the liquid ammonia discharged by manufacturers in this area is still on the low side, and the price is expected to be stable in the near future..

The price of liquid ammonia in Hebei also remained stable, with little change over the weekend compared with that at the beginning of the week. At present, the pressure on the supply and inventory of goods in this region is general, and the quotations of large factories remained stable throughout the week. The inventory pressure of manufacturers is acceptable, and the mainstream price in this area is 4200-4300 yuan / ton. At present, the production of liquid ammonia by the manufacturer is moderate, and the overall inventory pressure in the region is not big. It is expected that the price will stabilize at a high level in the near future.

In the future, most of the domestic liquid ammonia manufacturers are stable, and the ammonia volume has slightly increased compared with the previous period, but it is still in a controllable range. It is estimated that there may be little upward space in the near future. However, due to the continuous strength of urea and the export boost by printing standard, there is no downward space for the price of liquid ammonia, and it is expected to maintain a high level and narrow range adjustment

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