Isopropanol price fluctuates little this week (7.9-7.16)

1、 Price trend


According to commodity data monitoring, isopropanol prices fluctuated little this week. The average price of isopropanol in China was 6433.33 yuan / ton last Friday, and 6416.67 yuan / ton this Friday. The price fell by 0.26% during the week.

2、 Market analysis

Figure: price trend comparison of acetone and isopropanol from May to July

Isopropanol prices fluctuated little this week. Internationally, the closing price of isopropanol in the United States was stable on July 13, while the European market closed down. Up to now, the quotation range of isopropanol in Shandong Province is about 6150-6400 yuan / ton, and that in Jiangsu Province is about 6350-6450 yuan / ton. The quotation range of isopropanol in Zhejiang is 6350-6400 yuan / ton. The domestic raw material acetone market continued to maintain a weak operation, the downstream wait-and-see sentiment was obvious, the on-site inquiry was general, and the on-site trading of isopropanol was short.

In terms of raw material acetone, the domestic acetone market continued to maintain a weak operation. The downstream terminal factories were very limited in replenishment. The trading atmosphere was tepid and tepid. The atmosphere of on-site negotiations was general. The attitude of the cargo holders was under pressure. The offer was slightly revised. Most downstream enterprises were just in need, and the trading volume did not significantly improve. East China negotiated to 5000-5100 yuan / ton. It is estimated that the market will maintain the current trend today, and the East China market is expected to negotiate about 5000 yuan / ton.

In terms of raw material propylene, the price of propylene market decreased this week. The average domestic propylene price was 7796.73 yuan / ton last Friday and 7654.91 yuan / ton this Friday. The price was reduced by 1.82% within the week. International crude oil prices fall, bad market mentality. Downstream factories have light demand for raw materials, cautious trading and short trading in the yard.

3、 Future forecast

Isopropanol analyst of chemical branch of business society thinks: at present, foreign export orders are general. The price of propylene fell due to the weak operation of acetone. The supply of spot goods is sufficient, and the pressure of factory delivery is not small. The competition of Shandong factory is relatively fierce, and the delivery pressure of the goods holder is large. The lower reaches are mainly wait-and-see, the overall trading atmosphere of the market is light, and the price is relatively stalemate. It is expected that isopropanol will be mainly consolidated at low level in the short term.

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