The PE spot market price rose step by step in late June

According to the data monitoring of business agency, the overall trend of domestic PE spot market showed a steady upward trend in the second half of June (June 15-29), among which LDPE rose the most, with the increase of 3.58% in the second half of June. At present, although it is in the traditional off-season of demand, due to the large number of maintenance of petrochemical units, the market supply is greatly reduced, which brings some support to some areas.


Average price range of regional varieties and specifications on June 15 to June 29

East China LLDPE 7042 6766.67 yuan / ton 6933.33 yuan / ton + 2.46%

East China LDPE 2426h 8025.00 yuan / ton 8312.50 yuan / ton + 3.58%

In East China, HDPE 5000S 7616.67 yuan / ton: 7783.33 yuan / ton + 2.19%

In late June, the prices of the three varieties in the PE spot market were mainly rising. Most petrochemical enterprises have raised their ex factory prices to boost the market mentality. From June 15 to 17, international crude oil rose for three consecutive days, which also brought benefits to the market. At present, it is in the centralized maintenance stage of petrochemical enterprises, and the market supply has decreased, so the market price is relatively firm. However, due to the traditional off-season sales, the overall demand of downstream users is less, and more replenishment is required, so the market transaction atmosphere is general. Business mentality is good, more with the market, small push up. On June 22, plastic futures rose in shock, which benefited the spot market, and PE saw the rise again. Petrochemical enterprises raised the ex factory price for several consecutive days, with the increase range of 50-100 yuan / ton. After the Dragon Boat Festival, the petrochemical inventory has accumulated, which is difficult to consume in the short term. However, due to the high level of petrochemical plant maintenance, the impact on the market is not significant, and the price is still strong.


At present, the impact of social and public health events on the domestic market is limited. The downstream gradually returns to work and production. The operating rate is significantly higher than that in the previous period, and the market demand shows signs of warming. And currently in the maintenance peak season, the market supply is greatly reduced, and the supply is relatively tight, which brings benefits to the market. However, with the end of the maintenance season, the domestic market supply increased significantly, and the market supply and demand situation is not optimistic. It is expected that the future market will rise first and then fall.

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