China’s domestic liquefied gas market continues to decline

1、 Price trend


According to the price monitoring of the business agency, the market of domestic liquefied gas has declined broadly. As of January 14, the average price of domestic liquefied gas market is 4533.33 yuan / ton. Prices rose 13.81% month on month and 6.67% year on year.


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2、 Influencing factors


Products: on the 14th, the liquefied gas (Shandong) market went down broadly, with a general trading atmosphere. The rise and fall in Shandong were different, mainly downward. At present, the ex factory price is 4450-4600 yuan / ton. In the morning, international crude oil continued to decline and closed, with a negative market mentality. Sinopec and its major producers mainly fell, while other manufacturers mainly fell. With the Spring Festival approaching, there is still a demand for replenishment in the downstream. As the price continues to fall, the enthusiasm for replenishment in the downstream has increased, and the manufacturer’s shipment has slightly improved.


3、 Future forecast


At present, the trend of international crude oil and peripheral markets are both in a weak position, which affects the market mentality. However, with the continuous decline of prices, the demand for inventory and replenishment in the downstream before the Spring Festival, the enthusiasm for entering the market has improved. It is expected that there will still be a downward trend or a slowdown in the short term.

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