refined Oil product market prices fell this week (December 30 – January 3)

1、 Price data


According to the price monitoring of the business agency, the price of gasoline and diesel declined slightly this week. The price of domestic gasoline was 6599 yuan / ton, 0.62% lower than that of last week; the price of domestic diesel was 280 yuan / ton, 1.55% lower than that of last week.


2、 Analysis of influencing factors


sodium persulphate

Product: this week, the international crude oil first fell and then rose, with high volatility. On December 30, the domestic refined oil price was increased by 235 yuan / ton, but the weak market demand dragged down the market price.


Industry chain: Although the crude oil market has good news such as China and the United States reaching a phased agreement, Russia’s vacillation on production reduction has increased the downward pressure on oil prices. This week, the price of international crude oil market fluctuated.


Market: in terms of gasoline, the new year’s Day holiday has limited positive support for the gasoline market, and the province’s highways prohibit the passage of dangerous goods transport vehicles during the new year’s Day holiday, the refinery’s shipment is not smooth, and the gasoline price has declined slightly. In terms of diesel, as the low temperature period is approaching the Spring Festival, the operating rate of outdoor engineering and infrastructure construction is declining, while the logistics is blocked during the holiday, and the overall demand for diesel is in a relatively low season. Overall, the gasoline market is slightly better than the diesel market.


3、 Future forecast


Lu Xingjun, an oil product analyst with business club, believes that the high price of international crude oil market fluctuates, but the demand for oil products market is limited during the new year’s Day holiday, and the replenishment of oil products in the later stage may boost the oil products market. The market price of refined oil is expected to be stable and positive next week.

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