In October, polyacrylamide declined slightly and the market continued to pay attention to the cost impact

Commodity index: on October 30, the polyacrylamide commodity index was 98.78, unchanged from yesterday, down 7.79% from 107.13 (2019-05-08), the highest point in the cycle, and up 3.20% from 95.72, the lowest point on April 10, 2019. (Note: cycle refers to 2019-04-01 till now)



Price quotation: according to the monitoring data of business agency (100ppi. Com), on October 1, the main quotation of polyacrylamide (cation) market was 16333.33 yuan / ton, and on October 30, the main quotation of polyacrylamide (cation) market was 16166.67 yuan / ton, with a monthly decrease of 1.02%; among them, on October 21, some local manufacturers in Henan Province lowered their quotation by 400 yuan, with a quotation range of domestic polyacrylamide cation (PAM, molecular weight of 12 million) /The quotation of anionic (PAM, molecular weight 12 million) was reduced by about 200 yuan / ton.


Industry chain: it is understood that upstream: in October, the main quotation of acrylonitrile in the domestic market was significantly reduced, with the quotation of 12500 yuan / ton at the beginning of the month, 11500 yuan / ton on the 11th, 11000 yuan / ton on the 23rd, 10900 yuan / ton on the 28th, with a range of 12.8%; downstream: the demand was relatively stable. Manufacturer: the factory in Henan main production area started normal this month, with stable supply of goods. Subject to the continuous reduction of upstream costs, the manufacturer’s procurement costs have been reduced.


sodium persulphate

Industry: since the end of July, this round of intermittent shutdown has basically ended, and the manufacturers have started to resume production. This round of shutdown cycle returns: 1. In late July, recently, the water purification and environmental protection enterprises in Yong’an Road sub district office of Gongyi City, Henan Province received the notice of shutdown, which requires that: Based on the analysis of the city’s environmental pollution and future pollution weather, the Municipal Office of tackling key problems requires all the depth. The management enterprises will stop production and management before acceptance, and can resume production after dispatching or acceptance according to the key work office. 2. Stop production again after resumption of production: it will resume production for ten days in August, and start to stop production again on 15th. According to the manufacturer, the stop production is more affected by the National Games held in Zhengzhou on September 8th. The local environmental protection inspection is strict, and all local enterprises in Gongyi are required to stop production for environmental protection treatment and maintenance. 3. After the National Games on September 8, the local manufacturers did not receive the notice of commencement immediately, and the strict inspection of environmental protection was in progress. In late September, local manufacturers in Gongyi began to resume production one after another, and the supply of goods gradually returned to normal. 5. In October, the manufacturer’s production was normal and the market mainstream quotation was stable.


Future forecast: the analysis of the business community shows that Henan manufacturers in the main production area have normal production, stable supply of goods and stable demand in the downstream this month, but the price of acrylonitrile, as the upstream raw material, has been greatly reduced by more than 12%. The quotations of some manufacturers and traders have been reduced. The future market still pays attention to the impact of the upstream cost changes on the price of polyacrylamide.

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