Potassium sulfate market prices remain flat this week

Price Trend

Potassium sulphate prices have remained flat this week, according to business community price monitoring.

II. Market Analysis

sodium persulphate

Potassium sulphate domestic price focus is temporarily stable, new orders in the north-central market follow-up is not good, and hydrochloric acid inversion is serious, Mannheim production enterprises increased pressure. Henan and Hubei enterprises in central China are now offering 2900-3000 yuan/ton for 50 powder mainstream, 3000-3100 yuan/ton for 52 powder, 2950-3050 yuan/ton for 50 powder mainstream, and 3050-3200 yuan/ton for 52 powder mainstream, all of which are based on a single discussion. Potassium sulfate has limited market demand, low start-up and tight supply. The domestic potassium sulphate market is steadily advancing, the new purchase order of potassium sulphate is not well followed up, the output of sulphur grade fertilizer and production plan are declining, and most areas are loosening signals.

3. Future Market Forecast

Potassium sulfate analysts of business associations believe that the domestic market demand for potassium sulfate is limited in the near future, and the market is mainly weak and stable.


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