Rational regression, CHINA domestic yellow phosphorus market prices fell this week (8.1-8.9)

Price Trend


According to commodity data monitoring, the price of Yungui yellow phosphorus fell this week. The average price of yellow phosphorus was 22,000 yuan/ton on August 1 and 17,000 yuan/ton on August 9. The price fell by 22.73%.

II. Market Analysis

sodium persulphate

Product: This week yellow phosphorus price returned rationally, and market prices continued to fall. At present, market demand is still light, market turnover is not strong, traders have a strong wait-and-see mood, downstream purchasing prices are depressed, and the market lacks support. At present, Yunnan yellow phosphorus plant quotes about 18,000 yuan per ton. The mainstream transaction price in Sichuan is about 15 500 yuan per ton. The main transaction price of yellow phosphorus in Guizhou is about 16000-15500 yuan/ton.

Industry chain: This week, the domestic phosphate ore market remained stable as a whole. The main ex-factory quotation range of Guizhou phosphate ore market is 400-500 yuan/ton. At present, the coke market is relatively stable and strong. The mainstream price of secondary metallurgical coke in Panzhihua coke market in Sichuan is 2,080 yuan/ton, while the mainstream price of secondary metallurgical coke in Liupanshui coke market in Guizhou is 2,380 yuan/ton. The downstream phosphoric acid enterprises have low start-up, the demand is mostly wait-and-see, and the procurement is not active; the downstream pesticide enterprises have flat sales and limited market demand.

3. Future Market Forecast

Yellow phosphorus analysts of the business and chemical branch believe that the overall demand for yellow phosphorus is still light, the downstream demand is mostly wait-and-see, the procurement enthusiasm is not high, and the price is expected to fall back to the state before the surge in the later period.


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