Domestic n-butanol market in China this week (6.17-6.21)

Price Trend

According to the data of business associations, the average price of n-butanol as of June 21 was 5933.33 yuan/ton (including tax), which was 2.30% higher than June 14. At present, the mainstream price of n-butanol in China is about 5900-6200 yuan/ton.

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II. Market Analysis

Product: This week, the market price of n-butanol is rising steadily and moderately. Stimulated by macro-economic benefits, the increase is more obvious. Based on the characteristics of downstream replenishment, there is still the possibility of price increase in the follow-up, but the willingness to catch up is not clear yet.

Industry chain: Propylene prices of upstream products have risen as a whole this week, while supply and demand of downstream products have been balanced and replenished on demand.

3. Future Market Forecast

Forecast: The n-butanol market will continue to be stable in the short term.

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