China’s domestic acetone market as a whole on May 13

Commodity Name: Acetone

Market Price (May 13, East China): 3100 yuan/ton

Analysis Points: Last week, the domestic acetone manufacturers overall price adjustment, market focus upward. Some second-hand merchants replenish their products in the market, and the atmosphere of market delivery has been alleviated, and the holder’s contract is not pressured for the time being. The mood of bidding and selling is obvious. The offer has risen, and terminal factories replenish their products one after another. Today, the acetone market is firm and open. Up to now, the main negotiation range of East China market is 3100-3150 yuan/ton, the main negotiation price of Yanshan peripheral market is 3050-3100 yuan/ton, and the negotiation range of South China market is 3150-3200 yuan/ton, with high-end mostly offers. Business associations expect the short-term acetone market to be strong. East China acetone talks about 3100 yuan per ton.

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