Formaldehyde market falls this week (5.05-5.10)

First, the price trend

The domestic formaldehyde market fell this week, earlier (May 05), the average price of formaldehyde was 1213.33 yuan/ton, the average price of formaldehyde over the weekend (May 10) was 1170.00 yuan/ton, down 3.57%, and the current price was down 23.28% from last year, according to business’s commodity list data.

Second, the market analysis Products: Domestic formaldehyde market price decline, weekend, Hebei mainstream factory quotation in 1070 yuan/ton or so, South China mainstream factory quotation in 1260 Yuan/ton, Shandong mainstream manufacturers quoted in 1120 Yuan/ton, Jiangsu region Mainstream factory quote 1500 Yuan/ton.

sodium persulphate

Tinian Chemical 80,000 tons of formaldehyde device restart, formaldehyde market supply is OK, downstream manufacturers affected by environmental protection start rate has receded, formaldehyde prices fell. Industrial chain: Upstream methanol market by macro and port inventory impact of the market rise, the price of the beginning of the week is 2178.00 yuan/ton, the weekend is 2248.00 yuan/ton, the increase of 3.24%.

Not given to formaldehyde finished product support, formaldehyde manufacturers mentality in general, downstream maintenance just need to buy, the field of trading more cautious, formaldehyde prices fell.

Third, the forecast of the aftermarket Upstream methanol market recently slightly increased, cost support in general, downstream start rate fell, so Business Society chemical branch Formaldehyde analysts expect, the recent domestic formaldehyde prices or shock consolidation mainly.

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