This week’s slight volatility in PVC market (3.4-3.8)

Price Trend

According to the data monitored by business associations (average price of SG5 manufactured by calcium carbide method), domestic PVC quoted 6300 yuan/ton on March 4, and domestic PVC quoted 6350 yuan/ton on March 8, with little change in price, fluctuating range of 50-100 yuan/ton. This week, the PVC market shook slightly.

II. Cause Analysis

Products: In March, the weather is warm, the demand for infrastructure is gradually restored, the spot market atmosphere of PVC has been improved, while the start-up rate of PVC manufacturers is around 60%, the supply is sufficient, and the overall market is more stable. Recently, there has been little volatility in PVC futures, which has little impact on the spot market. Up to March 9, the domestic mainstream price range of PVC is 6150-6650 yuan/ton.

Industry: On March 6, the rubber and plastic index was 742 points, up 2 points from yesterday, down 30.00% from the highest point of 1060 points in the cycle (2012-03-14), and up 28.82% from the lowest point of 576 points on December 21, 2015. (Note: Cycle refers to 2011-12-01 to date) This week, commodity market shocks slightly, the overall trend of the rubber and plastic industry shocks upward mainly.

3. Future Market Forecast

PVC business analysts believe that entering March, the PVC market is in a recovery period, supply and demand game, price shocks slightly. It is expected that the demand side of infrastructure construction and real estate industry will gradually recover in the future, and the fluctuation of future market will dominate upward. The mainstream price of PVC 5 is 6150-6700 yuan/ton.

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