Antimony market is weak in February 2019

Price Trend

February 2019 Antimony ingot Market declined, the domestic market average price at the beginning of the month was 50,000 yuan/ton, and at the end of the week was 48,750 yuan/ton, a decline of 2.5%.

On February 28, the Sb Commodity Index was 67.87, unchanged from yesterday, down 33.67% from its peak of 102.32 points in the cycle (2012-10-16), and up 44.47% from its low of 46.98 points on December 24, 2015. (Note: Period refers to 2012-09-08 to date).

II. Market Analysis

Upstream and downstream: Antimony trioxide: Affected by the lower price of antimony ingot, antimony trioxide price declined. By the end of the month, 99.5% antimony trioxide was about 4250 yuan/ton and 99.8% antimony trioxide was about 44000 yuan/ton.

Domestic market: before the Spring Festival, the market is relatively cold. Most manufacturers completed stock purchase at the end of January and entered the Spring Festival holiday ahead of schedule. After the opening of the Spring Festival Holiday, there are fragmented just-in-demand transactions in the market. The transaction price of some manufacturers was lower than the mainstream market price of 500 yuan/ton, and then the antimony ingot Market went down. By the end of the month, 2_high bismuth antimony ingot is about 46000 yuan/ton, 2_low bismuth antimony ingot is about 47500 yuan/ton, 1_antimony ingot is about 48000 yuan/ton, and 0_antimony ingot

INTERNATIONAL: This week, the US dollar fell from its high last week, US crude oil showed 4 lianyang, reaching a recent high of US$57.88 per barrel. The latest progress of Sino-US negotiations announced a temporary postponement of the original tariff levy on China on March 1. The market was boosted by positive sentiment. Domestic A-share market was booming, with nearly 3000 points, and the metal market was red.

3. Prospects for the Future Market

There will be a lot of data next week, with the US dollar showing downward signs. As China enters March, downstream construction will gradually resume. With the convening of the “two sessions”, market sentiment maintains a positive trend, and the spot market of antimony slightly rises.

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