Raw material prices are hot and rising. Epoxy resin prices are high and firm

Since the overall rise of the epoxy resin market in August, supported by raw materials, major enterprises have increased their prices for many times under the pressure of cost. As of August 18, the liquid epoxy resin market in East China had been delivered at 14900-15400 yuan/ton of purified water, and the solid epoxy resin market in Mount Huangshan had been negotiated to be delivered at 14700-15200 yuan/ton.



The raw material bisphenol A continues to rise, supported by the dual raw material phenol/acetone, and the mainstream market price of bisphenol A in East China has been negotiated at 12000-12100 yuan/ton. In the near future, the international crude oil market supply may continue to be tight, and its downstream product, pure benzene phenol bisphenol A, may continue to rise. Overall, they are facing a shortage of circulating resources, and are facing replenishment in the early days of the National Day holiday. Bisphenol A will continue to be strong in the short term.


The epoxy chloropropane market has been sorted horizontally, and the reference price for epoxy chloropropane in the East China market is 8500 yuan/ton. The latest reference price for raw material propylene is 7360 yuan/ton, and liquid chlorine has significantly increased compared to last week. The latest reference price is 700 yuan/ton. Fengyi Oil is still in a shutdown state, and the Jiangsu Haixing unit restarted within the week, with an overall industry operating rate of over 60%.


From the perspective of the business community, short-term raw materials will continue to operate steadily. In addition, due to the impact of stocking up before the National Day holiday, the high cost transfer of downstream PC and epoxy resin lags behind, and short-term epoxy resin will continue to rise under the support of cost.


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