Domestic market trends of mixed xylene on September 28

1、 Summary of prices of mixed xylene on September 27:



Qingdao Refining&Chemical Co., Ltd. quoted 7950 yuan/ton, Shijiazhuang Refining&Chemical Co., Ltd. quoted 7850 yuan/ton,


Jiujiang Petrochemical quoted 8150 yuan/ton, Yangba quoted 7950 yuan/ton,


Guangzhou Petrochemical quoted 8100 yuan/ton, Maoming Petrochemical quoted 7700 yuan/ton,


Changling Refining&Chemical offered 8200 yuan/ton,


Xinhai Petrochemical quoted 8050 yuan/ton.


2、 Fluctuation trend:

3、 Analysis and comments:


In terms of crude oil, the OPEC+meeting is coming, and the market expects that the meeting policy may be aimed at reducing supply; Before the arrival of Hurricane Ian, the supply in the US Gulf region was limited, and international oil prices rebounded yesterday.


Today, Sinopec’s mixed xylene in East China decreased by 150 yuan/ton, and Xinhai Petrochemical’s mixed xylene decreased by 50 yuan/ton.


Crude oil rebounded and gasoline slightly strengthened, boosting the mixed xylene market. However, the market negotiation was light, and Sinopec lowered the price of mixed xylene in East China, so the industry was cautious.

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