The domestic PET market is narrowly weak (9.20-9.27)

According to the data monitored by the business community, as of September 27, the price of PET water bottle has been operating in a narrow range and weak. At present, the average price is 8310 yuan/ton, down 0.95% compared with the same period last week. The overall market is operating in a narrow range and weak. At present, the focus of negotiations is low, the market shipments are average, the logistics is smooth, and the operating rate is stable.



The domestic PET price is narrow and weak. Compared with the same period last week, the price has decreased slightly. At present, the market operation rate is normal, the manufacturers mainly give up profits and take orders, the shipment is active, the logistics is smooth, the supply side is normal, the overall market transaction atmosphere is general, the negotiation atmosphere is fair, and the downstream readiness is general. At present, the mainstream price is about 8300 yuan/ton, and the small reduction is weak,


Upstream ethylene glycol: As of September 26, the average price of oil to ethylene glycol P value was 4366.67 yuan/ton, down 1.69% from the market average price of 4441.67 yuan/ton on September 16. Downstream demand was weak, mainly weak in the short term.


Rubber and plastic commodity index: On September 26, the rubber and plastic index was 705 points, up 3 points from yesterday, down 33.49% from the highest point in the cycle 1060 points (March 14, 2012), and up 33.52% from the lowest point 528 points on April 6, 2020. (Note: the cycle refers to the period from December 1, 2011 to the present).


PET analysts from the business community believe that the PET market is expected to operate in a narrow and weak range in the short term, and the price fluctuation range is limited.

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