The demand side is weak, and the price of spandex maintains a downward trend

According to the price monitoring of business club, the domestic spandex market price maintained a downward trend from July 25 to 29 this week, with a weekly decrease of 3.16% and a year-on-year decrease of 54.23%. Some spandex manufacturers reduced production to 72%, but the market supply is still sufficient.



Current mainstream price statistics of spandex market (unit: yuan / ton)


20D .,30D., 40D

Zhejiang, 41000-45000, 36000-40000, 34000-38000

Shandong, 42000-46000, 37000-4000, 35000-38000

Fujian, 42000-45000, 37000-40000, 36000-38000

Jiangsu, 41000-45000, 36000-40000, 34000-38000

Raw material pure MDI market fell, demand was weak, traders sold goods at a profit, and the focus of market mainstream negotiation fell. As of July 27, the mainstream negotiation in the market was 20000-20500 yuan / ton by telegraphic transfer in barrels. The market price of ptme was weak, and the decline in cost slowed down slightly, but the price reduction of downstream spandex continued. The market quotation of PTMEG (1800 molecular weight) was 28000-30000 yuan / ton, and the industry construction fell to 5.6%.


At present, the textile industry is in the off-season, coupled with the sound of film restrictions, the starting level of round knitting and yarn wrapping in Xiaoshao, Zhejiang Province is maintained at 30-50%; The operating level of the yarn wrapping Market in Jiangsu remains at 40-50%; Lace and warp knitting in Fujian are started in 50-60%; In Guangdong, the start-up of round knitting machine and yarn wrapping is slightly low, and the start-up of warp knitting field is acceptable, and the overall start-up remains at 30-60%.


The demand of downstream end textile enterprises is light. At present, the textile industry is in the off-season, and the high-temperature power consumption in the south is at a peak. Some downstream enterprises in Zhejiang Province have received power rationing notices. At present, the startup rate of most weaving factories is low, and the comprehensive startup rate of looms in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions remains around 50%. Follow up on demand, demand has not recovered, and continues to decline.


Business analysts believe that the current textile industry has obvious characteristics in the off-season, and the demand side remains weak. The cost side support is also weak. The overall spandex market has strong negative sentiment, and all parties are mainly on the sidelines. It is expected that the short-term spandex market will maintain a downward trend.

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