Cryolite market price rose steadily (5.16-5.22)

Price trend


According to the price monitoring of business agency, the price trend of cryolite in Henan rose steadily this week. On May 22, the average market price in Henan was 7600 yuan / ton, up 0.33% from the price of 7575 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week, and down 0.65% from the previous month.



quotations analysis


During the week, the cryolite market was mainly waiting and sorting, and the quotation of main enterprises in Henan increased by 100 yuan / ton. Due to the high price of raw materials, the production cost pressure of cryolite manufacturers increased, the cryolite device operated at low load, the enterprise inventory was small, and the market quotation was mainly high, while the downstream demand was stable and the enterprise shipment was smooth. Individual cryolite enterprises increased their quotation according to their own shipment. As of May 22, the ex factory quotation of cryolite in Shandong is 8000 yuan / ton, and the ex factory quotation of cryolite in Henan is 7000-8600 yuan / ton, with little change in the range price.


The upstream soda ash rose at a high level. As of May 22, the average market price was about 2750 yuan / ton. This week, the soda ash market was stable and small, and the on-site trading was OK. The downstream was resistant to the high price soda ash. Most of the market purchases were based on demand, and the manufacturers delivered flexibly. The price trend rose slightly during the week.


Downstream, the aluminum market fluctuated this week. On May 22, the aluminum price was about 20520 yuan / ton, with little change compared with the beginning of last week. During the week, the price trend first fell and then rose, the downstream demand was general, the aluminum social inventory accumulated, and the aluminum market fell. In the later part of the week, the whole external metal market closed up, driving the domestic market to rise slightly. On the whole, the market situation is still weak.


Future forecast


Domestic cryolite manufacturers have high costs, low load operation of on-site devices, tight market supply, stable operation of downstream demand, good market trading atmosphere, strong support for the high level of cryolite market, short-term cryolite trend is mainly high-level wait-and-see, and specific attention is paid to the downstream demand.

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