Domestic market dynamics of mixed xylene on May 23

1、 Price summary of mixed xylene on May 20:



Qingdao refinery offers 7600 yuan / ton, Shijiazhuang Refinery offers 7450 yuan / ton,


Jiujiang Petrochemical offers 7950 yuan / ton, and Yangba offers 7800 yuan / ton,


Guangzhou Petrochemical offers 8000 yuan / ton, Maoming Petrochemical offers 7950 yuan / ton,


Changling refinery offers 7800 yuan / ton,


Xinhai Petrochemical quoted 7650 yuan / ton and Hongrun Petrochemical quoted 7550 yuan / ton.


2、 Fluctuation trend:


3、 Analysis and comments:


In terms of crude oil, with the peak of gasoline demand in the United States, the oil supply tightened in the later stage, and the demand in Asia gradually recovered, and the international oil price continued to rise.


Today, Xinhai Petrochemical raised the price of mixed xylene by 50 yuan / ton.


The cost side support is strong, but the market performance of mixed xylene is general, mainly driven by the rise of toluene and gasoline prices.

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