Cost driven price of polyester staple fiber fluctuated and closed up (5.12)

According to the price monitoring of business agency, the average price of domestic polyester staple fiber spot market on May 12 was 8492 yuan / ton, up 0.35% from the previous trading day and 20.43% year-on-year. Today, the main contract of domestic staple fiber futures closed at 8280 in the morning, up 2.30% from the settlement price of the previous trading day, and the settlement price today was 8302. Staple fiber raw material futures closed higher today, with PTA rising 5.11% and ethylene glycol rising 0.36%.



Due to the interruption of the supply of natural gas from Russia to Europe through Ukraine, the price of international crude oil futures closed up sharply overnight. PX supply and demand continued to be tight, PTA recently reduced the burden more, and the limit rose last night. Recently, the supply side of ethylene glycol has increased, but at present, the port inventory is low and the rebound space is limited. Recently, the production reduction of staple fiber maintenance has increased, the operating load has decreased, many downstream yarn mills just need to purchase, and the weaving terminal orders are poor, which are only sporadic orders. The staple fiber futures closed up in shock today.


Business analysts believe that the recent adjustment of crude oil shock is relatively strong, and the cost side support of polyester staple fiber is strong. In the short term, the supply and demand in the north of Jiangsu is still tight. However, in the later stage, some staple fiber devices are expected to restart. In the future, it is expected that polyester staple fiber will be relatively strong in the short term.

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