Tight supply, potassium sulfate Market is stable with small change

1、 Price trend

2、 Market analysis


According to the data of business agency, the domestic potassium sulfate Market ran sideways in mid November, and the spot price rose steadily. As of November 18, the average price of domestic potassium sulfate 50 particle sample was 4133.33 yuan / ton, with an increase or decrease of + 3.33% compared with the average price at the beginning of the month.

At present, the domestic potassium sulfate Market is running smoothly, and the supply of low-cost goods is further reduced. In the domestic potash fertilizer market, the market momentum is slightly slow, the spot supply remains slightly tight, and the market change is limited. The high level of upstream potassium chloride is stable, and the spot price of potassium sulfate is still stable. There is no large-scale purchase of potassium sulfate by end users, and the shipping resistance of traders is still. However, recently, the operating rate of processing potassium sulfate enterprises continues to decrease, and the overall load is low and stable. The benefit on the supply side strengthened the confidence of the industry, and the spot offer of potassium sulfate on the site was strong. At present, the ex factory reference price of 52% potassium sulfate powder of Shijiazhuang hehe Chemical Co., Ltd. is reported as 4300 yuan / ton. The factory reference price of Shijiazhuang Haofang 50% potassium sulfate powder is quoted as 4200 yuan / ton.

3、 Future forecast

Potassium sulfate analysts of business agency believe that the domestic potassium sulfate Market was stable in mid November, and the market of potassium chloride remained high. At present, the cost support of domestic potassium sulfate is relatively stable, and the demand of downstream users is generally followed up, but the supply side remains low. It is expected that the domestic potassium sulfate price may continue to stabilize in the near future.


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