Downstream demand increases gradually, spandex price rises sharply

On July 21, the price of spandex was 78200 yuan / ton, up 15.68% from three months ago, and 2800 yuan / ton, up 3.71% from the beginning of the month. Since July, the overall trend of spandex has been on the rise. In the middle of July, the price of spandex has decreased slightly, but after that, the price of spandex has recovered rapidly. At present, the spandex market remains high, the performance of cost side support is acceptable, the spot supply is tight, the manufacturers continue to hand over orders, and the new orders are temporarily not received, so the overall market demand cannot be alleviated.


The price rise of spandex is mainly due to raw materials. On July 2, kostrong issued a letter to announce that its 420000t / a MDI plant in brunsbit, Germany, will take effect from now on. It is reported that the MDI device was shut down for routine maintenance and preparation of the device from August to September. The reason for the shutdown was due to an unexpected failure of the production system. It is uncertain how long this situation will last, but it is expected to lead to a significant delay in the delivery of all MDI products.

In addition to the rise in raw materials, the rebound in demand is an important reason for the rise in spandex prices. In terms of demand, the export volume of spandex from January to May increased by about 58% over the same period last year. In addition, after the epidemic, people pay more attention to sports and health, and the downstream demand for comfortable fabrics, especially yoga clothes and sportswear is increasing. Benefited from this, the proportion of spandex application increased, ordinary sportswear spandex accounted for 10% ~ 20%, some even up to 30%. In addition, in the near future, the lower reaches are also preparing for autumn fabrics.

Affected by the surge of spandex, a large number of counterfeit spandex appeared in the market recently. Xinxiang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. issued a solemn statement on the recent appearance of counterfeit egret Spandex Products in the market. The quality of egret Spandex Products has prominent advantages in the industry and has been widely praised by the industry and sought after by customers, the article said. But some time ago, it was found that a number of spandex products were produced and sold illegally under the brand of “Egret”. Egret spandex produced by the company is produced in Xinxiang, Henan Province, and there is no production branch or entrusted factory. Please purchase egret Spandex Products from Xinxiang Chemical fiber spandex marketing department or official cooperative dealers to avoid unnecessary losses. The loss caused by customers purchasing products in informal channels has nothing to do with our company.

Business analysts believe that since 2021 / 4 / 18, the 7-day moving average has crossed the 30 day moving average and started the upward trend. At present, the two moving average continue to move upward. According to the calculation of 2021 / 7 / 18, the probability of changing the operation situation in the next seven days (that is, the 7-day moving average crosses the 30 day moving average) is only 5.18%.

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