acetic acid market weak finishing

According to the bulk data monitoring of business news agency, the acetic acid market decreased slightly this week. The price of acetic acid in the week was 6143.33 yuan / ton, which decreased by 0.54% compared with the average ex factory price of 6176.67 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week, and increased by 157.76% compared with the same period last year. As of March 28, the market price of acetic acid in China is as follows:



Region ﹣ date ﹣ quotation

Shandong Province, March 28, 2008: 5930-6300 yuan / ton

Jiangsu Province: March 28, 2000-6200 yuan / ton

In Zhejiang Province, RMB 6100-6300 / T on March 28

Hebei Province, March 28, 2008: RMB 5850-5900 / T

In Northwest China on March 28, 2000 yuan / ton

In South China on March 28, 2008, RMB 6100-6150 / T

In North China on March 28, 2008, RMB 5900-6000 / T

This week, the domestic acetic acid market was weak and consolidated, Shaanxi Yanchang plant returned to normal, and the supply of acetic acid in the market increased. However, the lower reaches were relatively resistant to high prices, and the purchase was limited. Most traders purchased on demand. The short-term market supply was still relatively tight, and the price of acetic acid was firm and stable.

The domestic methanol market rose slightly. In the mainland, the spring inspection ushered in the peak period, and the supply contracted significantly. In the port, the inventory is still in the process of de stocking, but it is relatively weak compared with the mainland. At present, Shandong Province is about 2330 yuan / ton. In the downstream, the market of vinyl acetate and acetate is mainly on the wait-and-see side. The manufacturers have stable operation of devices, sufficient supply of goods in the market, and the terminal purchases on demand. The quotations of mainstream manufacturers are mostly stable, and the downstream demand is limited.


According to acetic acid analysts of business news agency, at present, the domestic acetic acid market price is strong. Although the short-term market supply is limited, Shaanxi Yanchang acetic acid plant is back to normal, Henan Shunda plant is restarted, and the on-site supply is gradually increasing. It is expected that the acetic acid market will decline slightly in the near future.

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