The rising trend of raw materials is hard to change, boosting PC prices all the way up

According to the data monitored by the business community, as of March 26, the comprehensive price of PC market was 25300.00 yuan / ton, the price of PC market continued to rise, and the focus of negotiation continued to be high. Compared with the beginning of this week, the price increased by 3.97%, compared with March 25, the price increased by 4.12%, up to 1000 yuan / ton.


This week, the domestic PC market continued to be high, and the price continued to rise. The raw material bisphenol a market was still expected to rise. The price remained high, the PC cost pressure remained unchanged, and the price was passively rising. It was difficult to see a decline in the short term. The overall market transaction atmosphere was cautious, and the industry held a cautious wait-and-see attitude. Under the influence of various political reasons, a large number of domestic raw material enterprises collectively issued price increase notices, Boost the PC market price to further improve, the latest PC enterprise quotation: China blue plastic, Lotte chemical, kostrong, Luxi Chemical, daily increase reached 500 yuan / ton, for several consecutive days, continued to be red, from the supply side, this week’s domestic PC operating rate was 52%, most manufacturers centralized repair information has been released, early mainly to digest inventory, the current upstream raw material high support, pre-sale In the next week, the PC market will still maintain an upward trend, and the manufacturers will passively support the price, so it is difficult for the overall PC market to have a downward trend.


The following data are sorted out by the business association for reference only

Manufacturer / region: production capacity (ten thousand tons / year) quotation (ten thousand yuan / ton) planned maintenance date

Kostrong 50 2.69 April May March 26

Luxi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd

Lihuayi 13.2.6 no clear answer for the time being March 26

Shanghai Mitsubishi is expected to be 10-2.95 from May to March 26

China blue plastic parking Center

Zhejiang gale recovered on October 2.3 March 26

The price of upstream bisphenol a rose in a narrow range, continuing the upward trend. The reference price was 25700-25900 yuan / ton, the inventory remained low, the traders had a positive attitude, the raw materials were higher, and the PC price continued to rise. The following is the price trend comparison chart of bisphenol A and PC.


PC upstream bisphenol a industry chain price rise and fall chart, upstream prices continue to be high, PC pressure with rise.


PC analysts of business news agency think: due to the recent high level operation of raw materials and the centralized maintenance of PC enterprises, the operating rate is obviously insufficient. Under the pressure of cost and tight supply, it is expected that the PC market will run at a high price in the next week, and it is difficult to have the expected decline. The overall trend is mainly upward in a narrow range. (to get more information about goods and to grasp the price of goods, welcome to subscribe to the business community through the official account of the business community).

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