Stable operation of phosphoric acid market this week (11.16-11.20)

1、 Price trend


According to the large data list of business associations, the average price of domestic phosphoric acid on November 20 was 5016.67 yuan / ton, which was flat compared with the beginning of the week, up 1.35% month on month, 6.23% lower than the beginning of the year, and 5.94% lower than the same period last year.



2、 Market analysis


This week, the phosphoric acid market has been running steadily with little change. The raw material yellow phosphorus price is high consolidation, the cost side support is strong, the phosphoric acid price is relatively firm, the industry is stable and wait and see the market, the price fluctuation is not big, but the demand side has not obvious good boost, there are few new orders, the short-term market is glued, with the implementation of low water price in the future market, as well as environmental protection factors, the phosphoric acid market may rise again under the strong support of cost. According to the monitoring of the business agency, as of November 20, the average market price of 85% industrial purified water phosphoric acid was about 5016.67 yuan / ton, the price in Sichuan was 4850-5400 yuan / ton, and the price was stable; in Beijing, the price was about 4700 yuan / ton, the price was temporarily stable; in Hubei, the price was about 4900-5100 yuan / ton, the price was rising; in Tianjin, the price was 5 About 600 yuan / ton, the price is temporarily stable; the price in Jiangsu Province is about 4600 yuan / ton, which is slightly increased, but the price changes little in different places.


Regional product specification date price (yuan / ton)

Phosphoric acid content in East China: 85% Nov 20 5390-5400

Phosphoric acid content in Southwest China: 85% Nov 20 4900-4920

Phosphoric acid content: 85% in Central China

Yellow phosphorus, at present, the overall trend of domestic yellow phosphorus market is relatively stable, manufacturers mainly issue early orders, yellow phosphorus Market Spot slightly tense. The raw material phosphate rock rose slightly, the production cost of yellow phosphorus enterprises increased, and the requirements of atmospheric monitoring and environmental protection in autumn and winter were met. Due to the environmental protection requirements, some yellow phosphorus enterprises in some areas reduced production, stopped furnace and suspended the order receiving status, which made the spot of yellow phosphorus tight. It is expected that the yellow phosphorus still has a bullish expectation in the short term, but the increase is limited.


Phosphate rock, more than half of November, China’s domestic phosphate ore market rose slightly in the early days of the month, with Guizhou and Guangxi as the main regions to increase the price, with an increase range of 10-20 yuan / ton. Subsequently, the overall stable operation of the market is given priority to. At present, the market mainly deals with old orders, while the downstream wait-and-see mood is strong, and the new orders are limited. According to the phosphorus ore data division of the business society, the phosphorus ore market is mainly stable in the short term, and the overall fluctuation is limited.


3、 Future forecast


The phosphoric acid analysts of chemical branch of business society believe that the current cost support is strong, the price of phosphoric acid is relatively firm, the operators are stable and wait-and-see market, the price fluctuation is not big, but there is no obvious positive boost in the demand side, the market is tight in the short term, the trend is mainly stable, and the cost side change should be paid attention to.

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