Domestic demand market falls, yarn consumption waits for recovery

According to the statistics of the business agency, on November 19, the spot price of 32S polyester yarn in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai region ran smoothly, and the average market price of 32S polyester yarn was about 13375 yuan / ton, which was the same as that on November 10. The yarn Market in Hangzhou, Suzhou and Jiaxing is generally good. Affected by the epidemic situation, the market situation was poor from March to May this year. Since May, it began to improve, and recently the market has declined. The production opening rate of the enterprise has basically reached 100%, and the product inventory is small. However, some enterprises have also reflected that due to the recent market downturn, the yarn price has dropped and the profit margin is low.

Yarn manufacturers started normal as a whole. Recently, yarn prices began to decline. Under the double influence of the end of the “double 11″ market and the aggravation of overseas epidemic situation, domestic and foreign orders decreased significantly. In the future market and the lack of downstream demand, yarn market is difficult to have a good market. Due to the later manufacturers to prepare goods for the new year, so the current good, is expected to maintain orders until the end of December.


The supply and demand side is not good. Some polyester factories in the upstream promote their sales, but the production and sales are not prosperous as a whole. The average production and sales of mainstream large factories are 100% – 150%, and some of the better factories are 170%. The overall inventory is concentrated in 24-36 days. The price of polyester staple fiber is 5800-5900 / T, slightly lower than the previous period.


In terms of the starting rate, the comprehensive starting rate of Jiangsu and Zhejiang looms dropped slightly to about 91%. There are fewer orders and sales volume of the enterprise, and the inventory is more than one month. The enterprise has a production restriction plan. If the market continues to shrink, or some enterprises take measures to limit production, the situation is not optimistic. The order is close to one month, and the cloth product inventory is about one month. In the near future, grey cloth prices are in a downward trend, and it is expected that the market as a whole will remain weak before the Spring Festival.


Aftermarket forecast: foreign orders did not improve significantly, domestic market placed orders cautiously, still dominated by small orders, do domestic spot enterprises increase product inventory. The export market cannot recover in the short term, and the domestic market potential needs to be continuously released. Hope that at the end of this month, spring and summer fabrics will be placed in succession. However, due to the increase of uncertain factors in the market, the downstream garment enterprises have little confidence in the market. At present, the whole state of the textile industry chain seems to be very similar to that when it just returned to work at the beginning of the year. In the short term, the market is not very optimistic, and the yarn price may continue to fall in the later period.


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