Brief introduction of ethylene oxide in October

Ethylene oxide has been consolidated for more than two months, but only in Northeast China is stable and small. The national ex factory price including tax ranges from 7200 yuan / ton to 7400 yuan / ton, of which the factory tax inclusive price in mainstream East China is 7200 yuan / ton.



Ethylene market weak downward, the decline is very obvious, as of today (30), ethylene CFR Northeast Asia price is 775.00 US dollars / ton. The supply of ethylene glycol is loose, the fundamentals are weak, the surfactant market is mainly sorted out, and the ethanolamine supply is sufficient to meet the weak demand. The main downstream polycarboxylate superplasticizer monomer market is declining, and the peak season of gold, silver and ten is not fully prosperous. At present, the trend of monomer supply exceeding demand is hard to shake, the fundamentals are weak and the market atmosphere is strong. The tight supply of ethylene oxide continues, and the decrease of supply forms a certain support for the market, but under the influence of negative factors, the price has entered a dilemma.


We should pay close attention to the change of supply and demand in the later stage.

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