Poor demand and stable price of refrigerant R22

1、 Price trend



As of October 28, the average price of refrigerant R22 was 13833.33 yuan / ton, which was flat compared with last Wednesday, 6.74% lower than the beginning of the month, 6.74% lower than the beginning of the month, and 20.19% lower than the beginning of the year, according to the bulk data monitoring of the business agency.


2、 Market analysis


Recently, the R22 market of refrigerant market has been running weakly and steadily, and the price has dropped steadily. Downstream major air conditioning manufacturers started low, demand was scarce, foaming agent demand decreased, orders were not many, the demand side is difficult to boost the market, raw material surface hydrofluoric acid and chloroform industry trend is stable, there is no good signal, although the end of the year quota reduction, but the market return to buyer led, R22 short-term market weakness is still. According to the price monitoring of the business agency, as of October 28, the prices of mainstream manufacturers of refrigerant R22 market were about 12500-16500 yuan / ton, and the actual transaction price was low.


In terms of raw materials, on October 28, the mainstream price of domestic anhydrous hydrofluoric acid manufacturers was 7700-8300 yuan / ton. The ex factory prices of domestic manufacturers remained stable. The operating rate of domestic hydrofluoric acid manufacturers was general, and the on-site supply was normal, which was affected by the stable price of fluorite. However, the demand of the downstream refrigerant industry was poor, and the on-site procurement was mainly based on demand. It is expected that the on-site price will remain low in the future.


Trichloromethane: at present, the domestic chloroform market is affected by the high price of raw materials, and the production cost is high. However, the purchasing intention of the downstream market is flat, and most of them hold a wait-and-see attitude towards chloroform. Therefore, some enterprises reduce the burden and reduce the pressure. It is expected that the price of chloroform will remain stable in a short time.


3、 Future forecast


According to the refrigerant analysts of the business agency, the support of the raw material end is insufficient, the downstream demand is sluggish, the market transaction atmosphere is general, and the R22 market is running weakly and steadily, and the price is falling steadily. It is expected that refrigerant R22 will continue low consolidation in the short term.


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