On October 26, salicylic acid market temporarily stable operation

1、 Price trend


According to the price monitoring of the business agency, on October 26, the average price of salicylic acid (industrial grade) mainstream manufacturers was 13500 yuan / ton, which was flat on the previous day, up 2.53% month on month and 11.96% lower than that at the beginning of the year.



2、 Market analysis


On October 26, the salicylic acid market was stable temporarily, and the market was relatively stable. In October, the salicylic acid market has improved, the demand has gradually rebounded, and after the early price reduction and promotion, the shipment situation has improved. However, the overseas market is still uncertain, and the export has not changed significantly compared with the previous one, which is relatively stable. The purchase volume is not large, the manufacturer’s shipment is stable, and the sales pressure is not great. The enthusiasm of traders to take goods is improved, and the price is firm. As of October 26, the industrial price of salicylic acid is mostly in the range of 10000-15000 yuan / ton, and the price is stable; the price of pharmaceutical grade is mostly in the range of 23000-25000 yuan / ton, and the price is stable; the price of sublimation level is mostly in the range of 15000-20000 yuan / ton, and the actual transaction is mainly through negotiation.


Last week, the phenol market was weak, and the market continued to decline. The phenol market has been in a stalemate. When the phenol market went up in the early stage, most downstream users had a wait-and-see view on the later stage of the market, but it was also the case. In the current market of 5450 yuan / ton in East China, the terminal was still mainly in demand, and the sentiment of large quantity replenishment was not high, and there was also pressure on the shipholders. At present, the market price was under the pressure of cost, and the profit making space was not large, and the trading was slightly deadlocked. The domestic phenol Market is expected to fluctuate in a narrow range, and the reference price of phenol in East China is predicted to be about 5500 yuan / T.


3、 Future forecast


Salicylic acid analysts of the business agency believe that: in October, salicylic acid market is warming up, demand is gradually rising, and after the early price reduction and promotion, the shipment situation is better, the market wait-and-see atmosphere is strong, and the salicylic acid price trend is expected to be relatively strong in the short term.


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