October 22 China’s domestic phenol market continued to be weak

On the 22nd, the domestic phenol market continued to be weak, and there were still traders making profits and actively shipping on the floor. The downstream just needed to follow up and actively replenish, and the willingness to store goods needs to be released. There is still pressure on shippers to ship goods. There is a little profit yield when the market goes with the market, but there is too much room for profit making under the pressure of cost. Looking back this year, the phenol market has been bumping forward in the deadlock. Seeing that gold, silver and ten have passed, most market people are under pressure.



At present, the operating rate of domestic phenol ketone plant is maintained within 80%, and the port supply will continue to be replenished next week. Under the unfavorable factors of Lihua Yiwei yuan phase II commissioning and Zhejiang Petrochemical phenol ketone plant restart, it is difficult to say that the market is optimistic in the later stage. The business association predicts that the domestic phenol market will fluctuate in a narrow range in the short term, and the specific market sentiment still needs to be paid close attention to. Near the end of the month, although there are not many contract holders, the negative factors such as plant production and port supply are also in front of us. The business association predicts that the reference offer space of East China market is 5360-5550 yuan / ton.


The quotations of phenol in various markets in China yesterday were as follows:

Regional price rise and fall

East China 5500

5700 – 50 in Shandong Province

The surrounding area of Yanshan mountain is 5800 – 50

South China 5600 – 100


Trend chart of phenol average price in national market


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