Stable operation of potassium sulfate, the overall demand of downstream is limited

1、 Price trend



2、 Market analysis


According to the data of the business agency, the market of potassium sulfate in Hebei Province is stable this week, and the price of Mannheim potassium sulfate is about 2550 yuan / ton, and that of 50% granules and 52% water soluble powder is about 2650 yuan / ton, which is the same as last week’s price. In terms of water salt system in Qinghai Province, the price of 50% powder to the station is about 2300 yuan / ton. It is understood that at present, the inventory of potassium sulfate in Luozhong and Hami of Xinjiang state investment corporation has been sold out, and it is expected to resume supply to the market in the first ten days of October. There is no obvious change in the potassium sulfate Market as a whole. The price remains high and the operating rate remains high. After the autumn fertilizer production peak season, the market demand begins to decline, and the price will stabilize in the short term. The price of upstream potassium chloride is too low in the early stage. Although there is a recent rise, the market is still mainly wait-and-see, and the transaction is not high.


3、 Future forecast


Potassium sulfate analysts of the business club believe that: the price of potassium sulfate will stabilize in the short term, and the current operating rate will continue to be high. In the case of weakening demand, how the market develops depends on the market reaction.

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