China’s domestic fuel oil 180CST price firmed on August 31

Trade name: fuel oil 180CST



Latest price (August 31, 2020): 3700 yuan / ton


Analysis points: on August 31, the price of fuel oil was 3700 yuan / ton, and the overall market was stable and the price was strong. The international crude oil price remained above US $40 / barrel, forming a certain support for the price of fuel oil. It is understood that wti10 contract crude oil closed at US $42.93/barrel on the 28th. Due to the current peak power consumption, the power plant procurement is relatively strong, which forms a certain support for fuel oil 180CST price. In addition, the overall inventory of international fuel has declined, and the pressure on the supply side has eased. At present, the price of low sulfur is 3750 yuan / ton for 180 CST fuel oil depot in Hebei area of China Fuel Oil Co., Ltd., and 3850 yuan / ton for 120 CST fuel oil depot.


Aftermarket forecast: it is expected that the fuel market will continue to explore the rising atmosphere in the short term.

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