The price of phosphoric acid continues to decrease

1、 Price trend


The market continued to decline in June. According to the large data list of business associations, the average price of domestic phosphoric acid on June 28 was 4866.67 yuan / ton, 1.68% lower than that on June 16, 6.41% lower than 5200 yuan / ton at the beginning of the month (1), and 5.8% higher than that of the same period last year.


2、 Market analysis


In June, the center of gravity of phosphoric acid continued to move downward. The sharp decline of phosphoric acid in this month is mainly due to the lower raw material yellow phosphorus and bad cost. With the rapid decline of yellow phosphorus, the price of thermal process phosphoric acid has dropped significantly, and the performance is relatively mild near the end of the month, and the trend tends to be stable; in terms of demand, the follow-up is insufficient, the export is still weak, and the phosphoric acid enterprises have certain difficulties in shipping. With the increase of controllable price space, phosphoric acid enterprises continue to reduce prices for sales. In recent years, the price of wet process phosphoric acid has not been greatly reduced, the manufacturers’ inventory is not high, and the shipment is still good. Generally speaking, the downstream procurement of phosphoric acid market is relatively cautious, the actual transaction atmosphere is not high, and the business attitude of buying up and not falling, the market entrants are lack of confidence, and the cost side negative factors are still exist, so the trend of phosphoric acid is easy to fall but difficult to rise.



According to the monitoring of the business agency, as of June 28, the average market price of 85% industrial purified water phosphoric acid was about 4866.67 yuan / ton, and the price in Sichuan was 4500-5100 yuan / ton, which continued to decline; the quotation in Hubei was 4800 yuan / ton, which was weak and stable; the quotation in Tianjin was 5200 yuan / ton, which continued to decline; the price in Beijing was 4900 yuan / ton, which was weak and stable; the price in Yunnan was 4800 yuan / ton, which was weak and stable The western region quoted 4450 yuan / ton, down sharply.


The raw material phosphate ore market is currently in the off-season. According to the data monitoring of the business agency, as of June 28, the reference average price of 30% grade phosphate ore market was 386 yuan / ton, which was basically the same as the price a week ago; compared with the price half a month ago (15th), the average price was reduced by 7 yuan / ton, a decrease of 1.69%. Business Club phosphate ore analysts believe that at present, phosphate rock and its direct downstream market as a whole is weak, the downstream demand performance is weak, support is insufficient. It is expected that most of the phosphate rock will be operated in a weak position in the near future, and it is not ruled out that the market price in some areas will be reduced by a narrow margin.


The market price of yellow phosphorus was lowered. Yunnan Province entered the wet season in June. After the implementation of the electricity price in the wet season, the enterprise cost went down and the market price fell to a certain extent. At present, the yellow phosphorus market starts to rise slightly, and the market supply is relatively sufficient. At present, the yellow phosphorus Market in Yunnan is light, and the market quotation is about 14000-14300 yuan / ton. The market situation is not good, the price is seriously depressed, and many yellow phosphorus manufacturers do not offer. Guizhou yellow phosphorus market is mainly operated at a low level, and the current mainstream quotation is about 14300 yuan / ton. The downstream demand market is general, and manufacturers mainly take enough as needed. The yellow phosphorus Market in Sichuan is weak and stable. At present, the quotation in Sichuan is about 15000-14200 yuan / ton. Downstream manufacturers take whatever they want, and the spot sales are not so good.


3、 Future forecast


The phosphoric acid analysts of chemical branch of business society believe that the price of yellow phosphorus continues to decrease in wet season, and the negative factors are still existing. The price of phosphoric acid is easy to fall but difficult to rise, and it is necessary to pay attention to the change of cost.

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