On January 13, the offer of n-butanol market was stable and firm

1、 Market analysis


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The domestic n-butanol market began to recover rapidly on the 6th after the decline at the beginning of the month, with a ten day increase of 1.71% and a ten day amplitude of 2.89%. At present, on January 13, the price of domestic n-butanol market is stable and firm, with an average reference price of 5933 yuan / ton (including tax). The upstream propylene price has risen to the highest level. The factory cost pressure is large, the cost support is strong, the overall market offer is high, and the downstream customers’ purchase is up The attitude of not buying is obvious, the users are active in purchasing, the factory orders are relatively smooth, and the transaction of n-butanol market is stable. At present, the market of n-butanol in South China is stable, and the quoted price is 6250-6350 yuan / ton; the market of n-butanol in North China is stable, and the quoted price is around 6000 yuan / ton; the quoted price of n-butanol in Shandong lihuayi is 5900 yuan / ton, and Luxi Chemical today The factory price of daily collective pricing is 5900 yuan / ton, with medium load and low inventory. The factory quotation of n-butanol of Qilu Petrochemical Company is about 5900 yuan / ton.


2、 Future forecast


According to the analysis of butanol in the business agency: in the first ten days of January, the domestic propylene market continued to rise, which effectively consolidated the butanol market. However, the stock in the early stage of the market was basically completed, and the subsequent market volume is expected to decrease. Therefore, the domestic butanol market mainly operated smoothly before and after the Spring Festival, with limited upside space. At the same time, a small number of manufacturers adjusted prices in order to stimulate the shipment after the year The possibility of lattice.


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