Butadiene market consolidation

1、 Price trend


Recently, the domestic butadiene market is mainly in consolidation. As of January 9, the price of butadiene was 9090 yuan / ton, down 8.65% on a month on month basis and 22.85% on a year-on-year basis, according to the monitoring of business club.


2、 Analysis of influencing factors


sodium persulphate

Products: the domestic butadiene market has maintained consolidation, the domestic suppliers have no latest price guidance, most of the downstream digested raw material inventory, and the market trading atmosphere slightly fell. Middlemen mainly offer stable prices. The delivery price in Shandong Province is 8400-8500 yuan / ton, and the price in East China is 8400-8500 yuan / ton. Some businesses wait for the guidance of logistics recovery in the north.


In terms of market, the butadiene market in Shandong Province is mainly wait-and-see, and the market trading atmosphere has fallen. The middleman sent the offer for reference of 8400-8500 yuan / ton. Some businesses are cautious about the impact of the transportation information on the supply of goods. The butadiene market in East China is quiet, and there is no latest news guidance in the market. The downstream mainly digests the raw material inventory. Some middlemen mainly deliver the early orders, and the offer is kept at 8400-8500 yuan / ton, with the actual single negotiation.


In terms of industrial chain: styrene butadiene rubber: the supply price of domestic mainstream styrene butadiene rose, the market offer rose first, and the position of the industry kept increasing. The mainstream price of Qilu 1502e in North China is around 11300 yuan / ton, and the mainstream price of Qilu 1502e in East China is 11500-11600 yuan / ton. Cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber: the domestic cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber market rose, and traders’ positions and offers increased one after another. The main market price of Shunding in North China is 11100-11200 yuan / ton.


3、 Future forecast


East China is relatively abundant in spot goods, and the atmosphere of periodic replenishment in the lower reaches has fallen. In recent days, if it is difficult for suppliers to have a sustained positive boost, the butadiene analysts of the business agency expect that the domestic butadiene market will continue to bear upward pressure in the short term, and the situation will be sorted out in the short term. It is recommended to pay attention to the basic information of supply and demand and the price guidance of suppliers.


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