MDI market enters “platform period” after surging

I. price trend


According to the price monitoring of business agency, as of December 10, the average price of domestic aggregate MDI market was 13200 yuan / ton, which was 5.81% higher than that of the same period last month and 13.55% higher than that of the same period last year. The overall market is relatively strong.


II. Market analysis


Product: the domestic aggregate MDI market is stable, moderate and strong. This week, the price setting enterprises increased 300 yuan / ton, the cost increased, but the downstream just need to purchase cautiously, the market trading atmosphere is weak, and the attitude of the industry is different. This week, there is a small amount of spot goods in circulation in the site. Most of the traders are reluctant to sell and deliver goods. The quotation is high and firm. However, under the high price of raw materials, the downstream is cautious and just needs small orders to purchase goods. The inquiry atmosphere is general. It is expected that the short-term domestic aggregate MDI market will be more intensive, and continue to wait and see the actual transaction situation in the market.


sodium persulphate

In terms of market, the aggregate MDI market in North China and Shandong is relatively strong. This week, kostrong’s price was raised, the cost side slightly increased, and the company’s offer was firm, but the downstream was cautious. The MDI market of East China polymerization moved up and stable, and the offer of Kesi Chuang was increased by 300 yuan / ton, with a small amount of supply maintained. The downstream procurement was mainly on demand, and the market trading atmosphere was weak. South China aggregate MDI market horizontal consolidation. Weekly pricing enterprises offer up, cost support is enhanced, downstream purchase on demand, market trading atmosphere is general, and the industry keeps stable to negotiate shipment.


Industrial chain: in terms of raw materials, East China’s pure benzene was shocked and consolidated, which was weakened by the fall of styrene, and then domestic prices rebounded due to the sharp rise in external market. At present, the external market is at a high level, and the main theoretical window for upgrading has been opened. It is expected that the domestic pure benzene market will fluctuate around 5800 yuan / ton in a short term.

Aniline: the price of aniline enterprises has increased tentatively, and the downstream enterprises’ intention of receiving goods is acceptable. The cost support is strong, and it is expected that the domestic aniline market price will be increased in the short term, with reference to 6550 yuan / ton in East China and 6340 yuan / ton in North China.


III. future forecast


From the perspective of business community: on the positive side, enterprises have less market volume; suppliers intend to stabilize the market. In terms of bad news, the terminal just needs to be improved to a limited extent; some downstream still have pre inventory, mainly digesting inventory. MDI analysts predict that the short-term domestic aggregate MDI market is stable, moderate and strong.

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