Sulphur prices are moving smoothly this week (9.23-9.27)

Price data


According to the data of business associations, the price of sulphur market in East China maintained a steady trend this week. The average price of granular sulphur was 580.00 yuan per ton during the week, which was stable compared with last weekend and 55.42% lower than that of last year. On September 29, the sulphur commodity index was 31.82, which was the same as yesterday, hitting a new low in the cycle, down 69.36% from the peak of 103.84 on November 02, 2011. (Note: Period refers to 2011-09-01 to date)

II. Market Analysis

Products: The domestic sulphur market is running steadily this week, and refineries in East China continue to decline in the week according to their own shipments. As of 27 days, the mainstream price of sulfur in Sinopec Sinopec area was about 580 yuan / ton, the mainstream price of liquid sulfur was 490-570 yuan / ton, the mainstream sulfur price in North China was 480-530 yuan / ton, the mainstream price of liquid sulfur was 450-490 yuan / ton, the price of solid liquid sulfur was stable, the mainstream price of solid sulfur in East China was 600-670 yuan / ton, and the mainstream price of liquid sulfur was 520-620 yuan / ton. That’s 20-50 yuan/ton lower than last week’s price.

sodium persulphate

Industry chain: the Shandong market in the downstream sulphuric acid market is temporarily stable this week, and the price is 216.67 yuan / ton within the week, down 56.88% compared with the same period last year. This week, the main manufacturers of sulfuric acid in the region are temporarily stable, with less factory stocks and less downstream demand. The downstream acid market has weak positive support, and it is expected that the market price will still fall.

Industry: At present, the domestic sulphur market demand is quiet, terminal purchasing on demand, strong market wait-and-see atmosphere, cold negotiation atmosphere, pre-festival refineries in all regions to maintain low inventory operation.

3. Future Market Forecast

Sulfur analysts at the business think that at present, there is no guidance on the sulphur market, and the enthusiasm of the traders is weak. The operators are cautious and wait and see.

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