On April 16, the domestic butadiene market declined weakly in China

Price Trend

The domestic butadiene market has been in a weak downward trend recently. As of April 16, the price of butadiene was 8090 yuan per ton.

II. Analysis of Influencing Factors

Products: Domestic butadiene market is weak downward, although the inventory of Northeast manufacturers is low, but the high price of supply and demand, aggravating the market bearish atmosphere, downstream is not lack of wait-and-see expectations, so the inquiry intention is low. The middleman’s offer intention is not high. The delivery price in Shandong is between 8100 and 8200 yuan/ton. East China refers to 8100 yuan/ton for discussion.

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Industry chain: downstream synthetic rubber, Qilu Styrene Butadiene Rubber 1502 price in 11350 yuan / ton, Qilu Shun Butadiene Rubber market price in 11500 yuan / ton, mainstream suppliers increased the supply of butadiene benzene, cis-butadiene, intermediaries quoted higher, but the actual single transaction still needs to wait and see.

3. Future Market Forecast

Although Northeast manufacturers’prices are supported by low inventory, there are abundant spot resources in the market, and the supply of goods in Northeast China is fluctuant. Market news is weak. Butadiene analysts of business associations predict that the domestic butadiene market will maintain a decline in the short term. They suggest that attention should be paid to the transaction guidelines.


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