Domestic acetone listing price cut down on September 25

The business monitoring company’s offer has been lowered. At present, enterprises in Shandong and East China are down by 500 yuan/ton, which is basically balanced with the market. Up to now, the market price in Shandong has been 5,400 yuan/ton, the price around Yanshan is 5,350 yuan/ton, the price in East China is 5,200 yuan/ton, and the price in South China is 5,700 yuan/ton. Overall, the market has a downward trend.

Tianjin Zhongsha Petrochemical’s 350,000 tons/year phenolic ketone plant stopped on September 3 and resumed its resumption today. It is expected to be discharged tomorrow. During the holiday period, the market was weak, and the port inventory in East China was relatively high. After the holiday, the manufacturers concentrated their adjustments and concentrated shipments at the end of the month. The market may still have a slight downward trend.

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