This week, the acetic acid market first fell and then rose

According to the commodity market analysis system of Shengyishe, the price of acetic acid fell first and then rose this week. On May 31st, the average market price of acetic acid was 3150 yuan/ton, a decrease of 50 yuan/ton compared to the price of 3200 yuan/ton on May 25th, with an overall decrease of 1.56%.



This week, the acetic acid market first fell and then rose. At the beginning of the week, the inventory of enterprises continued to be high, and the intention of manufacturers to arrange inventory continued. The quotation for acetic acid continued to decline. In the later part of the week, some acetic acid factories in the site shut down, and the inventory of enterprises decreased. At the same time, the intention of manufacturers to increase prices increased. At the end of the month, some downstream long-term purchases increased, and the shipment of enterprises was active, leading to an upward trend in acetic acid prices.


As of May 31st, the market prices of acetic acid in various regions are as follows:

Region/ May 24th/ May 31st/ Rise and fall

South China region/ 3225 yuan/ton/ 3125 yuan/ton/ -100

North China region/ 3225 yuan/ton/ 3150 yuan/ton/ -75

Shandong region/ 3200 yuan/ton/ 3150 yuan/ton/ -50

Jiangsu region/ 3100 yuan/ton/ 3075 yuan/ton/ -25

Zhejiang region/ 3325 yuan/ton/ 3175 yuan/ton/ -50

The upstream raw material methanol market first rose and then fell. On May 31st, the average price in the domestic market was 2761.67 yuan/ton, an overall increase of 0.42% compared to the price of 2750.00 yuan/ton on May 25th. As the end of the month approaches, the market supply increases, and downstream purchasing sentiment is weak. The main demand for entry into the market is rigid, with insufficient demand support. Methanol prices fluctuate and consolidate within a narrow range.


The downstream acetic anhydride market first fell and then rose. On May 31st, the factory price of acetic anhydride was 5437.50 yuan/ton, a 1.58% decrease compared to the price of 5525.00 yuan/ton on May 25th. The upstream acetic acid market is weak and consolidating, with insufficient cost support for acetic anhydride. At the same time, the supply of acetic anhydride market is sufficient, and downstream demand is the main demand. On exchange trading is limited, and the upstream market is driving the weak consolidation of acetic anhydride market.


In the future market forecast, the acetic acid analyst from Shengyishe believes that the main acetic acid factories on the market are currently undergoing maintenance, with no pressure on enterprise inventory and downstream purchases on demand. The sales pressure from manufacturers is still acceptable, and the market trading atmosphere is expected to improve. It is expected that the acetic acid market will continue to rise in the short term, and prices may fluctuate narrowly. In the future, attention will be paid to downstream follow-up.

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