Acrylonitrile market slightly declined

Recently (2.1-2.7), the acrylonitrile market has slightly declined. According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of Shengyishe, as of February 7th, the bulk water price of acrylonitrile in the market was 9225 yuan/ton, a decrease of 0.67% from 9287 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month. At present, the mainstream price for self extraction of acrylonitrile from tanks in the market is between 9050 to 9400 yuan/ton. The price of raw material propylene has slightly increased, and the cost supports acrylonitrile; Approaching the end of the lunar calendar, the main downstream ABS started at a low level, with a small amount of inquiries about acrylonitrile; The overall supply of acrylonitrile units is loose, and the acrylonitrile market is mainly weak before the holiday.


Recently (from 2.1 to 2.7), domestic acrylonitrile units have been operating steadily with sufficient supply.


Recently (2.1-2.7), the propylene market for raw materials has slightly increased, supported by the cost of acrylonitrile. According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of Shengyishe, as of February 7th, the domestic propylene price was 6933 yuan/ton, an increase of 1.32% from 6843 yuan/ton on the 1st.

It is understood that the downstream ABS production is at a low level of 6.2% near the Spring Festival, and the demand for acrylonitrile is significantly weakening; At present, acrylic fiber factories are frequently receiving purchase orders from yarn factories at the beginning of the month, with overall low production and weak demand for acrylonitrile; The nitrile rubber plant is operating normally, with slight support for the demand for acrylonitrile; The acrylamide industry is operating at a low rate of 4.2%, and demand for acrylonitrile is weakening. Overall, the demand for acrylonitrile before the holiday was weak, and the supply of acrylonitrile was loose, resulting in a weak market consolidation.

Market forecast: Business Society’s acrylonitrile analyst believes that although the price of raw material propylene for acrylonitrile has slightly increased, the supply is still sufficient; In addition, with weak demand support, it is expected that the acrylonitrile market will continue to maintain a narrow consolidation trend before the holiday.

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