Loose demand, declining EVA market

Price trend



Recently, the domestic EVA market has weakened and spot prices have fallen. According to data monitoring from Business Society, as of September 22, the average ex factory price of EVA in China was 13633.33 yuan/ton, an increase of -2.62% compared to the beginning of the month.


Cause analysis


The domestic EVA market has recently seen a decline in prices. On the supply side, the operating rate of the EVA industry has declined slightly compared to the previous period, but the current load position is still around 75%. The market supply is almost flat compared to the previous period, and factory inventory pressure has increased. The profitability of EVA polymerization plants has significantly declined, and some manufacturers have lowered their factory prices. The pressure on social inventory has increased, and the confidence of traders has been affected, leading to a decline in prices. On the demand side, it takes time to digest the early stocking of photovoltaic materials and cables. Recently, pre holiday stocking has gradually ended, and consumption has turned from strong to weak. The lagging follow-up of foam material towards terminal enterprises, low actual prices, and sluggish consumption during peak seasons have dragged down the overall demand side of EVA. The overall stocking operation on the site places orders according to demand, and companies have poor acceptance of high priced goods. Prices are dragged by the demand side and operate weakly.


Overall, the supply of EVA in the market has remained stable recently, while downstream demand for photovoltaic consumption has weakened. The demand for foaming materials has continued to be weak, causing supply pressure to rise. Overall, the company’s offer has started to decline, and merchants have a poor mentality, leading to a decline in the offer. It is expected that the domestic EVA market may continue to be weak in the short term.


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