The sulfur market fell first and then rose in the second half of the month (5.16-5.31)

Price trend



According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of the Business Society, the price trend of sulfur in East China in the second half of May first fell and then rose. On May 31, the average price of sulfur was 803.33 yuan/ton, an increase of 1.26% compared to the price of 793.33 yuan/ton on May 16, and an increase of 11.57% compared to the beginning of the month.


The sulfur market in the East China region has been sorted and operated, with average operation of on-site refining plants and rational market supply. The end market consumption is sluggish, and the enthusiasm for downstream entry is average. A small amount of goods are taken as needed to follow up, and there is no pressure on the inventory of manufacturers. In the early stage of negotiations for shipment, the focus of transactions is low. In the later stage, some enterprises have smooth shipments, and the sulfur price has risen, resulting in a weak overall market. As of the 31st, the mainstream price of solid sulfur in refineries in Shandong region is around 830-850 yuan/ton; The mainstream price of liquid sulfur is between 730-830 yuan/ton.


Downstream market of the industrial chain


The downstream sulfuric acid market continues to decline, with the average domestic sulfuric acid price at 182.00 yuan/ton as of May 31st, a decrease of 5.21% compared to the price of 192.00 yuan/ton on May 16th. The sulfuric acid plant is operating normally, the market supply is stable, and downstream demand is sluggish. There are insufficient new orders in the market, resulting in a stalemate among the operators. In order to stimulate shipment, the sulfuric acid enterprise has lowered its quotation.


The market of monoammonium phosphate continued to decline. On May 31, 55% of the market average price of powdered monoammonium phosphate was 2687.50 yuan/ton, and on May 16, 55% of the market average price of powdered monoammonium phosphate was 2862.50 yuan/ton. The market price of monoammonium phosphate decreased by 6.11%. Downstream consumption is sluggish, market demand is weak, there is insufficient follow-up on new orders on the market, and sporadic purchases are mainly in demand. Operators have a pessimistic mentality, and the market price of ammonium chloride continues to decline.


Future Market Forecast


Business Society sulfur analysts believe that the domestic sulfur market has stable supply and insufficient demand support. Refineries are actively shipping, but market transactions are light, and there is a lack of effective benefits on the market. Under the supply and demand game, it is expected that the short-term sulfur market will consolidate and operate, with price or range fluctuations. Specific attention will be paid to downstream follow-up situations.

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