Epichlorohydrin market rose slightly (11.21-11.25)

According to the bulk list data of business cooperatives, as of November 25, the average price quoted by epichlorohydrin enterprises was 8783.33 yuan/ton, up 0.38% from Monday.



Epichlorohydrin market rose slightly this week. From the perspective of supply and demand: the industry’s capacity utilization rate has decreased compared with the previous period. Jiangsu’s large factories have raised the ex factory price, which has boosted the manufacturers’ price mentality. In addition, some enterprises have moderate purchasing enthusiasm, and the market quotation has a tentative small increase. However, the downstream market has insufficient mentality. Procurement is mainly based on small orders, and the market transaction atmosphere is flat.


From the upstream and downstream perspective: in the near future, the raw material propylene is mainly stable, the raw material glycerin is stable, and the cost is still supported by epichlorohydrin. The reference price of downstream epoxy resin was 16733.33 on November 25, a decrease of 9.22% compared with November 1 (18433.33), which was insufficient to support the epichlorohydrin market.


The epichlorohydrin analysts of the business community believe that the current cost impact is limited, and the supply side is expected to shrink, but the demand side is not following up enough. The demand side is mainly cautious, and the demand side temporarily dominates the market. It is expected that the epichlorohydrin market will stabilize in the short term, and more attention should be paid to the market news guidance.


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