The positive release of the factory, the TDI price stopped falling and rebounded

According to the monitoring data of business agency, the TDI price trend in East China this week fell first and then rose. On August 5, the average market price in East China was 15800 yuan / ton, which was 0.32% higher than the price of 15750 yuan / ton on August 1, and 10.23% lower than the previous month.



During the week, the TDI market was put into operation by waiting and sorting, with sufficient supply of suppliers. At the beginning of the week, the price of the Shanghai factory was lowered weekly, the market mentality was weak, the downstream follow-up was general, and the wait-and-see mentality was dominant. The carriers actively shipped and the offer was moved down. At the end of the week, the TDI closing news of Cisco was released, the carrier’s offer was up, the downstream inquiry was slightly increased, the TDI price stopped falling and returned to rise, and the market was put into operation. Dealers follow the market and increase their prices. As of May 5, the quotation range of domestic goods in the distribution market in East China is about 15300-15500 yuan / ton, and that of Shanghai goods is 15800-16000 yuan / ton. The actual order is mainly negotiated.


The upstream toluene market is weak, and the price rises first and then falls in the week. As of August 5, the domestic average price of toluene was about 7590 yuan / ton, a decrease of 0.66% compared with the beginning of the week. The crude oil market dropped sharply, and the external toluene support weakened. In terms of domestic downstream demand, most of the factories were shut down, and the domestic demand was insufficient to follow up. The market support was limited, and the toluene market was weak during the week.


According to the analysis of TDI data analyst of business society, the supply and demand of the domestic TDI market are in a stalemate, the supply of goods from factories is sufficient, and the favorable support is weak. After the release of the news of kostron’s closing, the offer of the goods holders immediately rises. However, from the perspective of downstream demand, the terminal industry continues to be weak, the demand in the market is limited, and the space for the future rise of TDI price is limited. It is expected that the future market of TDI will be sorted out and operated, and specific attention will be paid to the downstream follow-up.

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