Strong domestic phenol Market

Trend chart of average phenol price in the national market



In terms of factories, Sinopec East China factory increased by 100 yuan / ton at the beginning of the month, with the implementation of 9300 yuan / ton; Today’s opening, Lihua yiweiyuan increased by 100 yuan / ton, and 9400 yuan / ton was implemented, which shows that the atmosphere in the floor is high.


In terms of market, the national mainstream market rose 150-220 yuan / ton yesterday, of which the market in East China rose to 9400 yuan / ton.


The reasons are as follows: on the one hand, the port inventory fell at the beginning of the week, about 25000 tons, which is relatively low; on the other hand, the maintenance plan of phenol ketone plant increased in August, and the contract volume decreased. Therefore, the traders on the floor were positive, the offer pushed up, the low price did not go out, and the inquiries of intermediate and terminal traders increased, but the transactions on the floor were general.


At present, the tightening of phenol spot and expected supply is a positive support for the market. The business agency expects the negotiated price in East China to remain at 9400 yuan / ton, and the focus of the phenol Market is strong.

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